Monday, February 20, 2012

15 Minutes of Snow

The forecast called for snow last night. I was a little skeptical but it dumped about an inch. The boys were beyond excited when they saw it this morning and it was very difficult to convey that it would probably melt before breakfast was over. Especially since school was delayed for the oldest but he still had to keep his dentist appointment. Steve was kind enough to take them out for a few minutes before it was all gone.
 Andy was talking about switching his tires to snow tires and what a great snowball he was going to build and wouldn't it be fun to throw it at a car and let's go play in it RIGHT NOW! All of this chatter before the grown ups have their coffee is just a bit much. I will give him credit for being really patient and not crying when he realized how little snow there actually was.
 The opposite of patience: this one right here. He got up on the wrong side of the crib, I guess. He positively sobbed about wearing his boots, cried even harder about his winter coat and finally gave in and wore the hat. Then he was mad when he fell down and got wet, mad when we wouldn't open the sand table and mad when he couldn't hold the ice scraper. He consoled himself by sitting in the garage eating Jake's dog treats.
 Luke was very focused on cleaning off Steve's car so he could get to work before lunch. 
 Posing with his mini-snowman
Andy and his mini-snowman

Although it was a crazy mixed up day and didn't go according to plan, I am grateful for the memories with our boys. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Should Have Named Him Ferrari

 Andy's fixation with all things cars has progressed beyond the Pixar films. At least 6 times a day he begins a conversation with, "Mom, today I'm the ___" and describes the color and model of the car he is pretending to be for the next 10 minutes. I don't get it but I can't help but document it because he is just so darn cute. Steve took him to the fairgrounds for a car show on Saturday. As far as Andy was concerned, it was a little slice of heaven.
 This is the face of a happy car fanatic. 
 He is still talking about this one. Although this afternoon I complimented him on his coloring skills and he told me, "yeah, cuz I'm Italian, you know." Huh. Had no idea. I guess foreign cars are more his thing.
 Luke asked if he could skip his friend's birthday party and see Star Wars in 3D. Serious business, this Star Wars stuff. Steve returned from the car show and went straight to the theater with one very excited 7 year old. Although they had to endure numerous previews and a short power outage, Luke was quite impressed.
Steve and Luke getting ready to enjoy the show. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Hour A Day Keeps The Fighting Away

 We tried to stay close to home this last week as Eli battled the cough, cold, low fever combo once again. With Luke out of school and Andy in half-day preschool, I think our quality time together was maxed out. We ventured outside in the late afternoons to enjoy the spring-like weather. Something about being outside takes the sibling rivalry down a notch or two. For at least 15 minutes. Luke started his second season of Upward basketball and he enjoys practicing his dribbling and taking a few shots.
 I have looked forward to playing basketball with our boys as they get bigger. He isn't quite ready for HORSE or a pick up game yet, but it is fun to see him taking an interest. Luke has requested a couple of playdates and attended a few birthday parties during his break from school, but mostly he enjoys being at home. We are thankful. I'm sure these days are fleeting.
Classic Andy. Climbing a tree. He loves to stand up there and tell me how he can see the ocean, the top of our roof, a race track...a wild imagination at work. At least he can't fight with anybody when he is wedged in a tree. 
This picture has nothing to do with playing outside but everything to do with irritating one's sibling. Luke has thoroughly enjoyed playing Battleship lately. He prefers to play with Steve but will settle for Andy or me on occasion. Often fastidious about his stuff, he usually picks up the game and puts it on a high shelf. He must have abandoned the game in a moment of carelessness. I think he was late for basketball. Anyway, as soon as Luke was gone, Eli scurried over to the chair, climbed up and started 'playing'. He filled all the holes with pegs and didn't pay any attention to the ships but he was quite proud of himself. Of course when Luke came home he was totally annoyed and I think Eli probably took great delight in watching him scowl. Oh, brotherly love.