Saturday, October 30, 2010

Andy's Fall Fun Party

Apparently we picked an exciting preschool. In 3 days of classes he's met the fire department and had a Fall Fun party. This picture came in my email and was titled spider catch. Andy refuses to give me any additional details. He says we can't talk about it because I wasn't there. Alrighty, then. We'll just speculate that it captured his attention and he was probably glad they weren't real spiders.
His second favorite hobby = eating

All the classes lined up and paraded down the sidewalk. Luke and I had a great time watching.
The cute little clone trooper in the middle refused to look at me.

I love the teacher's costume. I wish I could be a crayon for Halloween.
The kids sang "I'm a Little Pumpkin" to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot.
The kiddos didn't seem too impressed by the whole event but all the parents and siblings oohed and ahhed appropriately.

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  1. I was wondering what it would be like to buy Halloween costumes without considering how they would look under a rain jacket or how many layers you can put under it.

    Very cute pictures, Mamma!