Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The New Hive

Ta-da! This is our new abode. It's not exactly new, more like 12 years young, but we had the ceilings painted and new carpet installed so it smells like new. Furthermore, it is ours and not borrowed so that makes it feel like home already. The trees in the front yard presented an obstacle for me so you don't get to see the roof. Sorry.

I heart this kitchen. So much like the last kitchen we owned. Picture it without the tower of boxes in the corner, would 'ya? I love the openness, the fact that the boys can fly through with their planes, trains and automobiles, the sense of privacy from our neighbors. I just love it.

One of the only rooms without boxes (unless you count the ones converted to parking garages and R2D2, but I hid those behind the couch) this is the family room. We are impatiently awaiting the arrival of our furniture from the factory. Picture this with a coffee table, okay? Alrighty then.

Here it is, the only real reason for purchasing the house. I could live on this porch. At least part of the year, it's a little hot right now. I am amazed by how much energy is invested in outdoor living spaces in this part of the country. Quite a drastic change from the northwest. I'm not sure how I developed such a fetish for screened porches, given I've never owned one. I think I am in love with the possibilities of a screened porch. Or maybe I've read too many issues of Southern Living. Is that even possible?

I'm not sure what to make of this backyard. We were so dazzled by the porch that we didn't give much thought to what lay beyond. The trees definitely separate us from the neighbors who do not have fences, but the boys aren't as impressed as we thought they would be. Even Jake is confused by this sudden opportunity to galavant in the woods. The previous owner had a fire pit on the far right, which he took with him. Maybe that's what we need...3 little boys and a fire pit. Doesn't that sound like a recipe for fun?

We are slowly unpacking and making our new digs feel like home. We thought moving a 1/2 mile would be easy and it has really been quite the opposite. Nothing has gone smoothly. However, I did my first load of laundry today and somehow that gives the illusion of progress in the getting settled department.

Thanks for looking! Now come visit. We'll clear a space in the bonus room for you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mama Takes a Break

I took a brief hiatus from real life last weekend and went to Cannon Beach with my mom, sister and several other fabulous friends. It was a long journey that included several hours in the Chicago airport, but five minutes with these ladies and one look at this view and all my traveling mishaps were forgotten. The weather forecast called for rainy and 58 degrees. Ha! I haven't seen Cannon Beach in the sunshine in years, what an amazing day. North Carolina has a lot of fantastic beaches but there is something breath-taking about the Oregon coast.

We walked to Haystack rock a few times, watched kids flying their kites, dads tossing footballs with their boys and puppies chasing sticks. Summer in the Northwest!

On the beach with two of my favorite people. We woke to bad news from the homeland on Saturday morning, one of my nieces was taken by ambulance to the children's hospital.
Hearts racing, tears flowing, prayers sent heavenward. It was a difficult day but a walk to the rock still brought out the smiles (and sunglasses hid our puffy eyes). I'm glad we were together and surrounded with treasured friends in a moment of crisis. Although it was hard to be away when the precious kiddo was hurting, it helped tremendously to lean on one another. My niece is home now and moving forward like nothing ever happened. It's good to be a kiddo.

Meanwhile, my own kiddos carried on without me. Steve took the boys to see his family for the weekend. The cousins are always so generous with their toys and Luke apparently spent most of the weekend in costume.

It takes a lot of effort and resources for mamas to take a break. I am grateful for my husband and extended family, as well as my dad and brother in law in WA who all helped care for the children so we could rest, re-charge and nourish our souls.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Best Little Pirate I Know

Luke is playing coach-pitch baseball this season for the Pirates. It was blazing hot today and he had to play catcher in the first inning. No one wants to be the catcher: the gear is hot, it doesn't fit well, and it is a lot of extra work because most kids get 5 pitches. Luke took his turn without complaining, he is such a good sport.
He doesn't want me to use words like C-U-T-E and A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E any more because after all, he is seven. But I have to say that pictures like this make me think that he is just about the cutest little thing to ever wear a baseball uniform. I acknowledge that I am completely biased.

He is by far the smallest guy on the team and he swings with all his might just to hit the ball. Most of the time he is thrown out at first, but today was his lucky day and he hit a single.
His teammates were superstar sluggers and brought him all the way home.

He has really surprised us with his enthusiasm for baseball. He keeps going back for more, even when it is hard and he doesn't do as well as the others. I keep expecting him to stomp off in frustration or refuse to play the next game, but he is always an eager participant. Watching him hang out in the dugout is very entertaining, much like watching the monkeys at the zoo. Strange noises, lots of fence-climbing and plenty of giggles. And they claim to be the undefeated pirates, by the way. I'm not entirely certain that's true, but number 3 is definitely the best little pirate I know.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pre-school Finale

Andy wrapped up his first year of pre-school today. They celebrated on Tuesday with a water day, which was wonderful since it was approximately 86 degrees at 9am when I dropped him off.

Nothing says happiness like 15 pre-schoolers in swimsuits enjoying popsicles. Bring on summer vacation!

Andy really enjoys playing at school but he has also discovered the added bonus of playing with a friend. I think he will miss his new buddies this summer.

Wow, that's quite a project!

The grand finale was an ice cream party this morning. I didn't take any pictures, it was just too stinkin' crowded. Not to mention a little bit of a tear jerker because the teacher cried when she said her goodbyes. Poor thing. Andy hasn't quite figured out that he has all summer without any school. We will definitely have to find some activities to keep us occupied because he is one busy little beaver.