Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Day of Preschool

When we first moved here, every mom I met felt compelled to tell me about her favorite preschool. I nodded and smiled politely, thinking there was no way Andy could have his whole world turned upside down and start a new preschool. After several mornings of nearly tearing my hair out as he followed me around the house, observing my every move and begging me to take him somewhere, I began to question the wisdom of my decision. I don't think I could have been more wrong. I marched us right over to the YMCA and signed him up. Here he is, in his official first-day-of-school Spiderman shirt.
When I checked my email this morning, I was so happy to have all of these wonderful pictures in my inbox. I was glad Andy felt brave enough to go to school by himself, but I drove away feeling a little sad that I didn't stick around and take a few pictures. So glad his teachers took plenty. He is very concerned that we don't have this pumpkin painting in our possession. I'm sure they kept it so it could dry, but he is convinced that someone is going to swipe it.
Is there anything more awesome than climbing in the fire engine on your very first day of school? I'm a little concerned about what will happen on day 2 when there isn't a fire engine...

Helping the fireman with his helmet. This is supposed to teach the children that if a firefighter ever comes to your house they should remember that it is someone very friendly and helpful inside the equipment and not to be afraid. Well, I guess they will already be afraid if a firefighter is coming to their house for an emergency, but no additional fear get the picture.
Hooray for a great first day of preschool. He is already very eager to go back. In fact, a little disappointed that he couldn't go this morning.

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  1. Go, Andy, and good job, Heidi. He is growing up and ready to something on his own. :-)