Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waitin' on Christmas

Someone in Andy's life takes a lot of pictures. I'm so thankful. She captures a lot of great moments in the life of this little fella. It also gives me a little hint about what went down at preschool that day. They made these clever toy soldier masks last week.
Andy loves decorating the tree. He has a bit of a candy cane fettish, too.

Italic What a cutie!
He is so eager for Christmas and has a lousy concept of time. We are trying the Advent calendar thing but I can tell he doesn't understand that it is a countdown to the big day. All of these fun activities at school makes the wait even longer, I'm sure.
Funny how when you are a kid it seems like Christmas is never going to get here but when you are a mama it seems to sneak right up on 'ya.

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