Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oy. Cabin Fever.

The natives are growing restless. A snow day without any snow to play in seems like cruel and unusual punishment. The storm that dumped on the rest of the South only left us with freezing rain. Everything is a solid sheet of ice and it isn't showing much sign of melting. On the bright side, we do have electricity and more than enough toys to fight over. The boys did a good job of dragging out some of the toys they haven't played with since we moved.
Luke invented a game of tossing a ball with an ice cream scoop from the top of the stairs. The basket was a collander. Very impressed with his creative thinking. Unfortunately, Andy wanted to hold every. single. thing. RIGHT NOW. Andy was sent to his room for a cooling off period and Luke continued the game on his own.

I took this picture a few days ago but it is just so cute and I can't resist posting. Eli usually goes to bed at the same time as his brothers. On this particular night, he stayed up a little later and helped himself to Luke's toys. He quickly figured out how to turn on the electronic light saber and he was very proud of himself.
So far school is only on a 2 hour delay for tomorrow. Hopefully we can get out of the 'cabin' before we all climb the walls. I fear the fever will be in full swing by lunch time if we don't.

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