Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Week of Firsts

An eventful week here at the hive, so many "firsts": the first day of SECOND GRADE?! Oh my word, how can this be? I jumped into year around school with enthusiasm when we moved here last summer, but I was questioning our decision on Monday when we started a new school year 9 days after we ended the last one. I was a little dazed and confused but Luke has zipped out of the car every morning with a cheerful smile. I think he likes the structure and routine that school provides.

Eli's first attempt at eating a popsicle. You can count on the 3rd child to go about life in his way. I received the Zoku popsicle maker for my birthday and it is so stinkin' awesome. We have only made orange so far but the kiddos are quite smitten.

My first attempt at the kiddos eating their first Zoku popsicles. It was my only attempt by the way because I was quite discouraged with the result. (The picture, not the popsicle).I know there are certain Grandmas who would really like a picture of all 3 boys so I will keep trying. Maybe minus the popsicles next time.

First our new house. Today is our 9th anniversary and Steve tried a new florist. I would say he made a wise choice. These are amazing. Other firsts include the first day the mercury tops 100 degrees which also coincides with the first day our upstairs AC stopped working. Yup. Good times. We knew it wasn't working well when we moved in but it completely stopped cooling the upstairs on Monday. Thankfully we have nice friends who loaned us their giant portable unit and we are so grateful because it was a balmy 97 degrees upstairs before dinner yesterday. We were able to cool things off with the temporary unit so we could sleep and the AC man arrived promptly at noon today. We are back in business. For now. Such an exciting week so far and it's only Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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