Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Lots of changes here at the hive...Andy started 5-day pre-school last week. I was so eager for him to go because he is high energy and definitely behaved like a bored child. But I must confess I miss him. Sometimes. Eli and I are having a good time playing together with less interuptions and I enjoy going places with just one child again.

Clearly Andy is miserable in his new endeavors. Just kidding. He comes home every day full of enthusiasm for all that he is learning and the new friends he gets to play with. Yesterday he took in a bird's nest that Steve found in the yard and apparently that was a big hit.

Luke decided to give soccer another try after a miserable experience back in Maple Valley. We are trying Upward soccer this season, which is much more about character development and having fun and a little less emphasis on competition. His coaches are wonderful and his teammates are great. One drawback is team size, with only 5 kids on the field I think exhaustion sets in quickly.

Luke was pretty stoked that his uniform is similar to the Seattle Sounders. He is equally thrilled about the water bottle. It goes everywhere with him.

Sorry, no pictures of the little mister today. He started walking totally independently on Saturday and rarely remains still. He be-bops around the house laughing and saying, "WHOA!"

Funny stuff.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Andy has grown so much!! I really can't believe it.

    Great news about Eli's walking. Whoo hooo!