Thursday, January 26, 2012

Donuts With Dad

Andy's preschool celebrated Dads last week with a much-anticipated event: Donuts with Dad. Andy counted down for at least 10 days, asking every morning"how many wake ups left until Dad has donuts with me??" I forgot that time moves at a snail's pace when you are only five years old.
 At last, the big day arrived and they posed on the porch for a pic. 
 Not only did the pre-schoolers eat their weight in donut holes, there was also a mystery craft. Home Depot even included complementary orange aprons.
Ta Da! The finished project. It's a bird house, in case you couldn't tell. Andy wanted it painted, furnished, stocked with bird food and hung in a tree the instant it came home. I deferred to Steve because we have a lot of trees and a lot of birds but I don't know if any of them are looking for a new residence.

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