Monday, February 13, 2012

Should Have Named Him Ferrari

 Andy's fixation with all things cars has progressed beyond the Pixar films. At least 6 times a day he begins a conversation with, "Mom, today I'm the ___" and describes the color and model of the car he is pretending to be for the next 10 minutes. I don't get it but I can't help but document it because he is just so darn cute. Steve took him to the fairgrounds for a car show on Saturday. As far as Andy was concerned, it was a little slice of heaven.
 This is the face of a happy car fanatic. 
 He is still talking about this one. Although this afternoon I complimented him on his coloring skills and he told me, "yeah, cuz I'm Italian, you know." Huh. Had no idea. I guess foreign cars are more his thing.
 Luke asked if he could skip his friend's birthday party and see Star Wars in 3D. Serious business, this Star Wars stuff. Steve returned from the car show and went straight to the theater with one very excited 7 year old. Although they had to endure numerous previews and a short power outage, Luke was quite impressed.
Steve and Luke getting ready to enjoy the show. 

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