Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

 We had a very traditional Easter this year, but for me it felt quite new because this is the first Easter in our new house (last year we celebrated Easter at the beach). Eli never decorated eggs or participated in an Easter egg hunt before, so we have enjoyed seeing the fun activities from his perspective. I tried to avoid decorating eggs with him, actually, but he woke up from his nap and came straight to the kitchen to see what was going on. When he thought Andy was going to start without him, he sobbed. Steve managed to help him dye a few eggs but when he started drinking the dye we shut him down.
Luke was not interested in decorating any eggs but he was pretty excited to show us his missing front tooth!
 Andy did an egg-cellent job decorating his eggs. We tried the usual dye and vinegar method and also kool-aid. I liked the kool-aid better but the dye offered more of Andy's preferred colors.
 Our church hosted an Easter festival on Saturday and it was a beautiful morning. The egg hunt happened so fast I couldn't take pictures of the actual gathering, but Eli was adorable with his bucket afterward. He would shake each egg and yell, "Yay!" when he realized there was something inside. I think it was like a little slice of heaven for him: he just couldn't believe there was actually candy inside every egg.
 When all the candy was consumed, he moved on to the craft table. He loves to have tatoos on his hands. I am very grateful for Steve's mother who was able to come and visit with us on Saturday. We would not have survived the festival without her help wrangling the children, especially Eli.
 Hooray for a decent Easter photo! The boys received these giggling jelly beans in their Easter basket and it looks like one made it into the picture. That's their new fetish, bringing a prop to every photo op. I guess I should just be thankful nobody is crying.

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