Monday, April 30, 2012

These Foreign Creatures Known As Boys

 Every afternoon about 4pm the proverbial wheels come off the bus. I know it is the bane of every parent's existence, that maddening thing we call the witching hour. Ours lasts more than an hour. Perhaps my attitude has something to do with the duration of the suffering. Let's revisit my attitude another day, shall we?
What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Steve swoops in for the evening, the boys cannot get dinner over fast enough so they can get down to this business of playing with dad. The latest favorite activity involves balloons filled with water and shaving cream. I am a girl, I do not understand their fascination with this messy, smelly activity. I guess that IS the fascination. It's messy and it's smelly and it usually explodes. Andy gets so excited he can hardly stand it. His enthusiasm is contagious.
 Admiring the magnitude of the destruction. Accept for Eli's balloon. Heaven forbid that it ever pop...
 ...or that his clothes get wet. 
 Ready! Aim! Fire!
 Andy has a dance move for every activity. It's like the celebration in the end zone after a touchdown. 
 Still clutching that yellow balloon. Is he not the cutest thing? 
 The mastermind behind the operation. Who knew I married a 10 year old trapped in a grown man's body?
He's smiling because there is a Porsche coming down the street. With his windows open. Followed by another neighbor in his BMW. It was almost too tempting to resist. Thankfully the children were watching and he felt compelled to behave. 

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