Monday, April 2, 2012

We Blinked And He's Eight

 Eight years ago today (although it feels like last week) we welcomed six pounds, 4 ounces of sweet baby boy into our little world. This birthday is bittersweet for me because I'm proud of the young man he's becoming, but sad to see the little boy slipping away. I kept my fingers crossed that his front baby teeth would remain intact through tonight and I got my wish. To me when those front teeth fall out, it's driver's ed, graduation and tuition payments right around the corner. I'm only slightly irrational about this, I know. He tried something new this year: celebrating his birthday with just 1 buddy and choosing a fun activity. Steve took Luke and his friend Andrew to Frankie's fun park and then to the Lego store yesterday. It looks like the go kart track was a highlight.
 Luke driving the Number Eight. 
 Luke had school today so his brothers and I took cupcakes at lunch. Luke was bummed because he had to take some kind of assessment test today and it stressed him out. All was forgotten when he got home from school and opened a few a presents.
 He is so precious. He would cringe if he knew I called him that. 
Happy birthday, Lukester! 

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