Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Fishin'

 We spent Monday evening at our church's annual Memorial Day picnic. The rain fell hard and fast but our boys were not discouraged. The adults scampered for dry places and the kids got soaked. Some of our friends were kind enough to share their fishing poles and the boys learned to cast a line. Luke caught the first fish but my camera was no where to be found. I recovered in time for Andy's catch of the day.
 Andy did not want to touch that fish. I think he maybe put a fingernail on one scale. He was quite proud of himself.
 The cutest little fisherman I ever did see. He wanted to fish more than he wanted to eat. 
 Making his own fishing pole. He wanted so badly to do what his brothers did. He was mostly content to hang out on the bridge with the bigger boys and throw things in the water. We are blessed to have such a mellow child.
 Just when we decided to pack up and head home, they discovered the zip line. I so thought we would be fishing for boys in a matter of seconds. I almost covered my eyes.
Going, going, gone! He did it. I was quite surprised. They both made it across without letting go. In typical Andy style he finished and ran back around the pond yelling, "That was AWESOME!"

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