Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Could Get Used To This

 We didn't know what to expect going to the beach this time of year. I think it is safe to say it exceeded our expectations. Especially at low tide in the late afternoon. The boys had the best time splashing in the tide pools and watching the critters. Eli was a little uncertain and wanted to stay dry. But he is easily influenced by his brothers and eventually took the plunge. He was quite curious about a rather large crab scooting around but the crab made it pretty clear he didn't want to play.
 I interrupted a serious game of "chase the minnow" to snap this picture and I'm so glad I did. Such cuties they are. Funny how sibling rivalry evaporates once their little toes touch sand and water. And funny how they never get tired of chasing such tiny little fish. Boys are a mystery.
Ocean Isle Beach at low tide. A glorious place to be. We had a wonderful week together. We keep asking the boys to tell us their favorite part and the answer always changes. This is probably the first time we have tackled activities besides the beach. We were able to go out to eat, out for ice cream, the older boys had lots of adventures with Steve while Eli napped. We had a beach play date with dear friends and lunch with extended family in Wilmington. An action-packed beach adventure, for sure. It will be a rough transition back to real life.

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