Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Steve reminded me that this weekend is the 12th anniversary of a memorable date in our courtship. Apparently this particular date involved holding hands while we drove over Snow's Cut Bridge toward Carolina Beach. The man has a mind like a steel trap. I don't dispute the accuracy of his memory. I'm just  sorry that I don't remember events it unless there is photographic evidence lingering in a scrapbook. Yesterday he asked, "What would you have said that day if I predicted the future and told you 'twelve years from now you will have three little boys, owned three houses in ten years and moved half a dozen times?'"
I think I probably would have said, "Let go of my hand, stop this car and I'm getting out because you're crazy!"
 I'm glad I didn't let go of his hand or jump out of the car. What a wonderful and exciting ten years we have enjoyed together. Today's sermon at church was about Jesus's earthly father, Joseph. He doesn't play a starring role or win earthly accolades for his commitment to his family. He faced unusual circumstances, possibly felt embarrassed and humiliated by Mary's pregnancy, and was later forced to flee with his young family to another land. All while trying to raise the Son of God. So I suppose in contrast, we live a rich and relatively care free life. On this Father's day I'm thankful for Steve's love and commitment to our family.
And his boyish sense of humor is much appreciated, as well. 
Happy Father's Day, Steve!

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