Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Magic of Seabrook

I don't know what it is about Seabrook...maybe it's the spectacular views that make us stand in awe of God's creation...or possibly the lovely cottages with all the amenities...perhaps its the feeling of being far from the ordinary grind of every day life. Whatever it is, we were big fans after our first visit three years ago and we couldn't wait to go back. It was worth the long pilgrimage from North Carolina to the coast of western Washington. We had a wonderful time, relaxing and playing with our extended family.

 The weather was gorgeous and we couldn't wait to get out on the beach that first morning. The water is icy cold but that didn't stop the kiddos from pulling on their swimsuits. Notice the adults wear sweatshirts with their shorts. The hike down to the beach is a little long but the trek through the forest is incredible.

 No two trees are alike and since we are in the dinosaur phase with Eli right now, we nicknamed this one the dinosaur tree.
Perfect day to build a castle with Papa 
Crab graveyard. Ew. 
Crab shells are good for something. They decorated the tree and called it Ft. Crabtree.
Hooray for cousins and Uncle Steve! A force to be reckoned with. (We missed you cousin Aaron, hope you had a great week at camp!)
I can't decide if I like s'mores by the community fire pit or an awesome sunset the best, but on this night, the sunset trumped even the most delightful s'more. 
Thank you, Seabrook! Already looking forward to our next visit. 

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