Tuesday, October 30, 2012

P is for pumpkins, pancakes (but not pajamas)

 A big thank you to our friends at Green Street Studios in Apex for sharing these pictures of Eli and his classmates at the pumpkin patch. He obviously had a good time on his first official field trip. {the patch is across the street from the preschool}.
 He couldn't live without these pumpkins once he brought them home. Then they took their rightful place on the mantel and he hasn't said a word about them.
 This little boy's parents are the photographers and they are well-aware of the boys' affection for one another. They attended the same mothers' morning out program last year and were lucky enough to be in the same preschool class this year. Every morning, Eli often starts the day with, "See Sutter?" Andy and Luke went with me to pick Eli up the other day just so they could see this boy they'd heard so much about. It's good to have a friend.
The preschool hosts an annual event known as the pancake brunch. The kids get to help "make" the pancakes and then the parents come and we share brunch together. 
Now Eli refused to wear his pajamas to school. I put them on, he took them off. I finally gave up and let him choose his outfit. He didn't want to make a necklace out of fruit loops, either. But he was all about his new place mat. 
And I think it's pretty safe to say he enjoyed his pancakes. What a hoot. 

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