Saturday, January 19, 2013

Basketball, Thunder Snow and...Jet Packs

 Isn't he the cutest thing? Andy and Luke started Upward basketball this month. Eli insisted on wearing one of Luke's old uniforms. When we go to practice, he's the first one on the court. He never cries when we tell him it isn't his turn. That might be because I bribe him with extra opportunities to play Angry Birds on my phone. Just a thought. Today we had were blessed with the opportunity to watch not one but two games. Eli only complained at the end. When we ran out of snacks and juice boxes.
This one whined and fussed and insisted he never wanted to play this dumb sport. Then he begged to wear his uniform at random times. He played well this morning and with a happy heart. Still working on the difference between offense and defense. And he wanted to wear his uniform to bed. Go figure. 
Andy is learning to read at school and loves to illustrate his drawings. Kindergarten has changed a lot in the last thirty years. Did we even know how to write at the end of Kindergarten? He couldn't wait for Steve to get home from a business trip so they could read Andy's book about shapes. 
This gym and I don't get along in terms of taking a decent picture. But we were extremely proud of Luke today. He totally rocked on defense and took the ball to the hoop twice. A great start to the season.
The weather forecast called for 1 to 3 inches of snow on Thursday night, including a phenomenon known as thunder snow. Whatevs. As you can see, they were off by a smidge. Huge disappointment when it stopped snowing after about three and a half seconds. The boys were glad school was delayed two hours...because those roads were so treacherous when it was sunny and 41 degrees. Eli's preschool actually started first and Luke and Andy found the best snow on his playground. They were very excited. 
Begged, begged, begged for hot chocolate. With marshmallows. Please, please, please. Took one sip and he was done. Good times. 

Steve decided to build the boys jet packs this afternoon, just because he could. What a great dad. Luke was at a birthday party so his is still under construction. Eli and Andy were thrilled. I think they would worn them to bed if they could. Looking forward to hearing all about their imaginary adventures...

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