Monday, February 18, 2013

Big Fat Flakes and Classic Cars

We were at the gym early Saturday morning for Andy's basketball game, and when we came out, huge, fat flakes were falling from the sky. It was pandemonium as thirty kids realized what was happening. We hopped in the car and raced home to dig out our winter clothes and quickly get outside before it disappeared.
As the morning progressed, it became evident that we might actually have some time to enjoy this unexpected storm. Andy made snow angels over and over again. 

Steve helped the boys build a snowman, topped with an old Maple Valley t-ball hat
Most of our limited snow fall this winter has lasted a couple of minutes or not really been fit to play in.
The boys were positively giddy when they realized that was not the case this time. 
We went to play with our neighbors, who were in the early stages of a major snowball fight. Eli did not want to take part in the fighting, but he was all about the snowball. He licked it and said, "Nummy!"
Yesterday, Steve took Andy to the classic car show. This kid absolutely adores cars. Every month I think he's going to move on to a different phase, but he continues to draw, think, read and talk about cars.
Of course, an outing with Andy isn't complete unless refreshments are acquired. His preference this time was a bag of popcorn and a Sprite. A fun adventure for both father and son.

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