Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Remember

It's Friday once again. How can that be? Come join us as we free write for five minutes on the word of the day...remember

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It was December, we rode for what seemed like an eternity from Pennsylvania to Florida in my grandparents' sedan. Me stretched out across legs or squished against my sister, fighting with her over our new prized possession: a portable Pac Man game.
I remember the monorail and walking for miles, getting yelled out for spilling my soda. Probably because one little root beer cost $14. And I'd probably spilled my drink before. A lot. 'Cuz I was six and I was good at it.
My favorite ride was It's A Small World but my parents said we had to try other rides, too.
Space Mountain brought a whole new meaning to the word fear. Mom squeezed me so tight I was certain I would break. And the characters. The freaked me out, with their giant heads and perpetually happy expressions. I can still see a giant red headed one in my mind, dressed like she's going on safari. I was terrified and tried to hide somewhere. Anywhere. I've never figured out who she was supposed to be.
It's funny what sticks in your mind from an epic family vacation. We're going again soon to the happiest place on our earth with our little band of brothers and I can't wait to see what they love the most...

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  1. I remember my first trip to Disney world...and it was an epic vacation as well. I am stopping in from Five Minute Friday....and you are so is funny what sticks in your mind. FYI...It took me five tries to get the word verification thing to let me post. I really get aggravated with them.