Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cuter Than a Bug's Ear

Grandma Nancy often says this boy is "cuter than a bug's ear". While I'm not familiar with bugs' ears (and I kinda like it that way), I think she might be right on with the cute part.
He likes to kick his legs as hard as he can and push with his hands to get where he needs to be. I often find him in the family "library", just hanging out. We like to keep our books in moving boxes, by the way. It's the latest trend in home decor.

Speaking of cute...I'm supposed to be photographing the Lego bomber he's holding. But I got distracted by that face. He's probably going to ask for chocolate next. And I'll probably give it to him, 'cuz he can have anything when he tilts his head and smiles like that.
Luke wants no part of a Blog post that mentions cute more than once. So, no photos of Luke, just photos of his latest creation. I think it's a rebel base. It lives on the kitchen table, along with approximately 1/3 of the rest of his Legos.
In all seriousness, this week was a little better than the previous one. The exhaustion is passing, we are settling into the school routine, the weather is cooling off, more boxes are empty. We saw some familiar faces: old friends from our previous life in Wilmington and also our extended family that lives in the area. It's all still very surreal, like we are living in a foreign land. The boys have adjusted surprisingly well, which makes everything easier.

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  1. Yea, another week completed! You go girl! Jeff's parents left today and we don't have any family visits planned for a while. Whew! We need some schedule and stability. School starts on Tuesday but Cambria has a fever. Pray that she doesn't have to miss the first day.

    We survived our first Sunday here. In fact, it was quite nice. A little welcome reception for us and lots of friendly people. :-)