Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They Keep Us Hoppin'

One thing I know for sure: three of the five bees aren't showing any signs of fatigue. Which is in sharp contrast to the queen bee, who can't seem to catch her breath. Where do these boys find all of their energy? I read a story in the paper recently about using the power generated by a stationary bike to run small appliances. I laughed at first, but now I'm starting to think that's a brilliant idea. What if I could harness the energy generated by three little boys? We could probably power a small country. This picture of Eli makes me laugh. He won't do a traditional crawl but he has the commando and a full body wiggle and roll method that gets him around the room. He is fascinated by our chairs. He goes under there and just giggles!
This makes me giggle. Andy and Luke are showing more interest in playing together. That's what happens when you move, I guess. You need your brother for entertainment purposes. This was tonight's pre-bedtime fun. Please note that no Disney characters were harmed in the creation of this photograph. Those are just foam guns.

Trying out the sippy cup. He figured it out right away but hasn't shown any interest since.

Steve likes to take the boys to a local park where they can rent a boat. This was last Saturday's adventure.

The last day at the pool
(Until we find an indoor place to swim)
There you have it: a few snapshots of how we spend our time. I have officially run out of steam as well as pithy captions for my photos, so that's all for now.


  1. I am right there with you about the energy little boys have. I just keep my boys involved in multiple activities so by the time they lay their heads on their pillows they are out.

  2. If you figure out how to harness their cuteness, you could also power a small country. *girlish squeal*