Friday, November 19, 2010

The Saga of the Eye Surgery

Aunt Judy and Grandma Betsy came to help us out on Sunday afternoon. The boys were excited to have company and we were grateful that our little guys were well cared for while we were with Luke.
We had to check in at Duke on Monday morning, only to sit around for over 2 hours and wait our turn. They operate in birth order so we had to wait for the younger ones to get finished. They wrote on Luke's face twice, just making doubly sure the correct eye was marked. He was a good sport and absolutely thrilled to have sole control of the remote.

Luke was slow to wake up after the surgery. Once he was alert and realized he had an IV and his eye was swollen shut, he became anxious and irritable. The nurse gave him something that I know I'm allergic to and he didn't respond well, either. The poor fella couldn't keep anything down for almost 3 days.
Here we are today. I think he tried to look as pitiful as possible for this shot, because two minutes before and immediately after, I was asking him to settle down and stop bouncing off the walls. He had a check-up yesterday and apart from the swelling, he looks pretty good. He doesn't quite have the stamina for a full day at school so we are holding him out until Monday. We are glad this is behind us and optimistic that the surgery was successful.

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