Thursday, November 11, 2010

Somebody Had a Birthday

Since the binkies were abandoned, Andy has attached himself to this hippo. Please note that hippo has spent the last 4 years of his life under a pile of blankets or sitting on a shelf. My how things have changed. He goes everywhere. But hippo doesn't like to get dirty so he often sits in Andy's car seat while Andy enjoys numerous adventures. When Andy heard there was going to be a birthday, he declared it was hippo's birthday as well. Hippo turned 9. He wanted a hippo cake and various gifts. He was forced to settle for cupcakes. Sorry, no gifts. Parties for stuffed animals are not in my contract.
Eli is the almost birthday boy, celebrating month 11. This is my new favorite shirt. He can finally wear long sleeves without sweating like crazy. Heather challenged me to take a picture of Eli every week for the first year. I think I almost made it. Maybe skipped a week or two in the midst of moving.

Luke took this picture and it turned out super cute.

At last, the real birthday boy. Steve celebrated his special day by going to the Wake Forest v. Boston College football game with a good friend. The boys were enamored with the musical cards at Walgreens and wouldn't you know it, we purchased the Star Wars card with a glowing light saber and it plays the SW theme song. How about that.
I'm sure Steve feels complete now that he has this card in his possession.

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