Sunday, January 23, 2011

There's A Martian Among Us

And isn't he the most adorable Martian you ever saw? Andy has a big interest in outer space and really enjoyed the outer space theme at preschool last week. He made a rocket ship, which now lives under his bed and these are his 'alien ears'. His creativity continues to amuse us.
Startin' him young. Just kidding. Eli loves an open door and scoots on his little tush as fast as he can to get to the pantry when he hears it open. He loves to take things out of the recycle and throw them around. He chased this Diet Coke can for quite awhile on Friday morning. He also loves the camera and makes a beeline for it whenever I try to take his picture. Hence, the extreme close up.

Luke's school hosted Penguin Preview. I had no idea what that involved, just that he would wear a scarf, a snowflake on his head and there would be singing. Alrighty then. The little brothers and I gathered in the gym with about 100 other expectant family members of 1st graders. The kids magically appeared on stage and sang their little hearts out. Luke even had a line to deliver, which he did with much gusto. Afterward we went to their classroom for the cast party. The children were supposed to share a book that they wrote. Writing is not Luke's forte by any means but he has worked very hard on this story about his memory of last 4th of July. He was very proud of his efforts and we are so proud of him.

We have taken Andy to Luke's classroom 3 or 4 times and he is so eager to be involved in whatever is going on. He just can't wait to go to the big school. I kept him occupied with snacks this time and he even posed for a picture. He is so annoyed that he won't start kindergarten in the fall but I will sign him up for as much pre-school as he can handle.

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