Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three More Bees Dropped In For a Visit

At last! We live within driving distance of our North Carolina cousins. Aunt Holly brought her two bees by for a visit. There was much laughter, a lot of wrestling and a new version of beach ball baseball was invented. Eli likes to try and scoot out the front door. He tried to escape while aunt Holly was loading the car and Ben rescued him. This led to a spontaneous train formation and a fantastic photo. Good job, team B!
We decided to check out a nearby museum for kiddos. It is our new favorite place. So much to do and reasonably priced. I envision many more adventures here. My camera phone was not cooperating so this is a lousy picture of Luke inside the submarine. He is conducting an experiment, I think.

All the little boys were building forts in the giant Lego exhibit. Of course none of them wanted to share so each boy was hoarding Legos inside his creation. Hence the very serious expression.

Eli was forced to ride in the stroller for most of the morning because we were changing exhibits so quickly. Once I realized we would probably stay at the Lego station for awhile, I set him free with his own pile. He squealed and smiled, banged the blocks together and was his usual adorable self.
Thanks for coming by, cousins! We hope to see you again soon.

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