Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Friday of Firsts

Eli recently started physical therapy to strengthen his muscles and learn to pull up and stand. His therapist had a novel idea: why not wear shoes? I knew I liked her. This is Eli, proudly sporting his new kicks for the first time. He loves standing at the Lego table, just like his brothers and he claps for himself every time he pulls up to stand. What a cutie.
First day in the sand box. He wasn't quite sure what to think of all this mysterious, grainy stuff but at least he didn't scream like some other little boys did when we plunked them in the sand for the first time. He did eat a fair amount, which is just gross. This is a good rehearsal for the beach, I guess.

Andy and Luke were delighted to see their old sand box toys. Although we played at this park before, they insisted it was their first time in this particular sand box. We stayed as long as we could on Friday afternoon, but it got a bit chilly after 4pm. The weather here is a bit cooky...we woke up on Thursday morning to a light dusting of snow. I think this is the first time we've seen snow on the ground and then played in the sand box 36 hours later. Maybe we'll have the sprinklers out by next Friday.


  1. Eli looks so happy with his shoes on. He will be up and walking before you know it!

  2. So glad that the shoes are helping! Who would have thought? Not me.