Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stubby Rides Again

Andy's class mascot lives with us this week. We decided to show him a rockin' good time and went to Red Robin for dinner. Apparently he loves to color.

Stubby has excellent table manners. Andy took the whole outing very seriously. Although he refused to eat and complained about the noise at least 137 times. Steve and I inhaled our dinner as quickly as possible and tried to bribe Andy with Red Robin's cupcakes. No sale. In sharp contrast to Andy's urgent need to leave, Eli savored every moment of his first trip to the Robin. Well, his first trip in which he was able to sit at the table and participate in the consumption of french fries. I'm sure he went in his infant car seat a time or two. He looked around in awe, ate a few coasters and threw anything he could reach on the floor.
Andy insisted we stage this photo the minute we got home from pre-school. Wanting Stubby to have a spectacular visit, I complied with Andy's request.

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