Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buckles, Boosterthon and Baseball

In his quest to mimic all the larger people in his life, Eli has taken to hanging out with Grandma and Papa on the couch before bedtime. When the camera appeared, he knew just how to pose. He makes us laugh.
Eli also has a bit of a buckle fixation. Anything that buckles, he needs to check it out. He convinced Grandma to hold him on her lap while he examined his high chair from a new angle. I'm quite thankful he hasn't mastered the buckle yet. That will be a sad day for me when I can no longer contain him.
Luke participated in the Boosterthon Fun Run at school on Friday. It is a fantastic fundraising opportunity, totally beats selling wrapping paper, cookie dough and whatever else you may have been coerced into selling to support your child's school. Luke did awesome! He finished all 35 laps in the allotted time, we are so proud of him. Maybe cross country is in his future.
Initially it seemed as though the water station might be Luke's favorite aspect of the fun run. But the Boosterthon team kept everybody moving and pumped up the crowd. A wonderful experience for our first year of fundraising.
We capped off the afternoon with a little BP in the backyard, in honor of the Mariners/Cubs game that Papa was watching on TV. We had nearly forgotten about our beloved Mariners. Andy, who only participated in t-ball because of the snacks, loves to go out and swing the bat. Oh, what a difference a year makes.

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