Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cute Boys and News from China

Grandma and Papa came to visit on Friday. We have tried to play outside as much as we can to keep the boys occupied. Nerves are wearing thin around here and outside always seems to help. This is Eli's first time in the driver's seat of the infamous yellow jeep.
Andy will play outside every chance he gets. His preschool sent me this photo. Love that cheesy grin!

Steve has sent several pictures from China. He says a popular meal is Peiking Duck and this is the guy preparing said duck for their meal. Steve has boldly tried most of the food offered to him by his colleagues when they are eating together, but he recently refused chicken feet. Can't say that I blame him.
Steve at the Great Wall

A view of the streets...I think he has been to 3 or 4 different cities, I'm not sure which one this is. He says it takes him 40 minutes to get anywhere in a taxi since he has been in Beijing because the streets are so crowded. This might be Shenzen or Shanghai?? He is safe, healthy yet ready to come home.

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