Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day To Me

It just so happens that I was able to stretch mother's day out a bit and started the festivities on Thursday. I hired a babysitter for the other boys and went to "tea" at Andy's preschool. They sang a couple of sweet little songs...

...gave us paper daisies and then carefully served each of us a tray of delicious goodies with a glass of sweet tea. We also listened to each child's survey about his or her mama. The teachers had asked each child a series of questions and wrote down the answers. According to Andy, I am 6, my eyes are yellow, my favorite place to eat is McDonald's and he knows I love him because we do arts and crafts. What a riot!

Andy was eager to go to lunch and couldn't be bothered with smiling but this ended up being a great picture because that is such a typical Andy expression.

Steve was kind enough to wrangle the children quite a bit this weekend so I could relax and enjoy some scrapbooking time. I wasn't very productive but it certainly was fun. I realized while I was looking at all of my pictures that I rarely take any of me with my children. So we posed quickly this morning on our way out the door to church. It isn't our best shot, but Eli sure is adorable. I'm blessed to have such a fantastic family. It's good to be loved.

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