Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mama Takes a Break

I took a brief hiatus from real life last weekend and went to Cannon Beach with my mom, sister and several other fabulous friends. It was a long journey that included several hours in the Chicago airport, but five minutes with these ladies and one look at this view and all my traveling mishaps were forgotten. The weather forecast called for rainy and 58 degrees. Ha! I haven't seen Cannon Beach in the sunshine in years, what an amazing day. North Carolina has a lot of fantastic beaches but there is something breath-taking about the Oregon coast.

We walked to Haystack rock a few times, watched kids flying their kites, dads tossing footballs with their boys and puppies chasing sticks. Summer in the Northwest!

On the beach with two of my favorite people. We woke to bad news from the homeland on Saturday morning, one of my nieces was taken by ambulance to the children's hospital.
Hearts racing, tears flowing, prayers sent heavenward. It was a difficult day but a walk to the rock still brought out the smiles (and sunglasses hid our puffy eyes). I'm glad we were together and surrounded with treasured friends in a moment of crisis. Although it was hard to be away when the precious kiddo was hurting, it helped tremendously to lean on one another. My niece is home now and moving forward like nothing ever happened. It's good to be a kiddo.

Meanwhile, my own kiddos carried on without me. Steve took the boys to see his family for the weekend. The cousins are always so generous with their toys and Luke apparently spent most of the weekend in costume.

It takes a lot of effort and resources for mamas to take a break. I am grateful for my husband and extended family, as well as my dad and brother in law in WA who all helped care for the children so we could rest, re-charge and nourish our souls.

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