Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Best Little Pirate I Know

Luke is playing coach-pitch baseball this season for the Pirates. It was blazing hot today and he had to play catcher in the first inning. No one wants to be the catcher: the gear is hot, it doesn't fit well, and it is a lot of extra work because most kids get 5 pitches. Luke took his turn without complaining, he is such a good sport.
He doesn't want me to use words like C-U-T-E and A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E any more because after all, he is seven. But I have to say that pictures like this make me think that he is just about the cutest little thing to ever wear a baseball uniform. I acknowledge that I am completely biased.

He is by far the smallest guy on the team and he swings with all his might just to hit the ball. Most of the time he is thrown out at first, but today was his lucky day and he hit a single.
His teammates were superstar sluggers and brought him all the way home.

He has really surprised us with his enthusiasm for baseball. He keeps going back for more, even when it is hard and he doesn't do as well as the others. I keep expecting him to stomp off in frustration or refuse to play the next game, but he is always an eager participant. Watching him hang out in the dugout is very entertaining, much like watching the monkeys at the zoo. Strange noises, lots of fence-climbing and plenty of giggles. And they claim to be the undefeated pirates, by the way. I'm not entirely certain that's true, but number 3 is definitely the best little pirate I know.

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