Monday, October 24, 2011

Costumes and Rides and Ice Cream, oh my!

 We kicked off our weekend with a dress rehearsal for Halloween. Actually the mail man delivered the costumes so we simply had to try them on. I have a partially dressed construction worker, Finn McMissile and Commander Cody this year. The youngest wasn't sure what to make of all of this but he doesn't mind posing for a picture.
 We threw caution to the wind on Saturday afternoon and went to the fair...along with 9,467,233 of our closest friends. OH, THE PEOPLE. Crowds and crowds as far as the eye could see. And they were not happy with me and my jogging stroller that kept squashing their toes and nipping at their ankles. However, we threw elbows and arm wrestled our way to the kiddie rides. Luke and Andy loved the roller coaster.
 We walked and walked in search of the game that involves shooting bb guns at star shaped targets. Luke is apparently quite proud of his results.
 We were just about out of steam and headed for the exit when we spotted another favorite: the giant slide. They went back again and again. The look on Andy's face makes the hassle and inconvenience of a long line absolutely worth it.
 We had high hopes for the ferris wheel as our grand finale but settled for the carousel instead. Andy had the women next to me laughing hysterically as he entertained us with his crazy antics. Each time he went around he dazzled us with a funny face or amusing gesture. What a ham.
Face paint and a giant ice cream cone. Who could ask for anything more, right? This ice cream was, for the record, the most disgusting thing I have tasted in a long while. I didn't protest for a second when he tossed in the trash. As the sun was setting we slogged our way back to the car, drove home and tucked 3 exhausted little boys into bed. So long, state fair. I'm not sure we'll miss you.

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