Monday, October 31, 2011

A Little on the Soggy Side

 I'm glad we stretched Halloween into a 4 day event because the real deal was a little damp. Today's forecast called for rain, rain and more rain. Someone at Andy's preschool took this clever picture of him marching in the 'parade' on Friday morning. I just love it and had to share.
 We convinced Eli to try on his costume a few times so that he might actually wear it tonight. He is just about the cutest Mr. Fix It I have ever seen!
Well, 66% of my little posse was ready and raring to go. Poor Finn McMissile. We went to the indoor bouncy place this morning to pass some time and he started looking pretty pathetic. He could barely put on his costume and he collected candy from about 5 houses before he was begging to go home. Luke and Eli, on the other hand, had a grand old time and came home with a load of goodies. Eli came in the door, pulled out a butterfinger, opened it and took a bite. He doesn't miss a thing.

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