Thursday, December 15, 2011

Counting Down To Christmas

 There's an almost 8 year old boy here who made repeated requests for the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar. However, he is the only one who likes Star Wars and that didn't seem quite fair to his brothers. Not to mention I would be left to deal with the fallout when a certain 5 year old noticed there were only Star Wars Legos in the calendar. Inspired by a decoration I saw online, I decided to make my own version of an Advent countdown. I made a matchboxes out of paper and filled each one with a surprise, usually a note announcing a treat or a special activity. For the first week, I gave them each a handful of mystery Legos every night and they kept them in a bag and tried to guess what they might eventually assemble.
 We had the mystery Lego reveal earlier this week and Andy was delighted that his Lego creation was a fireman driving a small fire truck.
 Luke was a little aggravated at first but finally assembled his Star Wars thingamuhjig all by himself.
 Eli was pretty happy to plaster some new Cars stickers all over Steve's shirt. Where's my easy button?
Finished the evening by watching Veggie Tales St. Nicholas on mom's computer. I thought for sure that would generate a billion questions about the guy in the red suit but not a word was said about jolly old St. Nick.  My grand Advent countdown plans came to a screeching halt this evening when I collapsed in exhaustion (not really) and the boys impatiently pointed out that I had fallen behind. Box 15 was (gasp!) not only missing but I confessed that I hadn't actually built it or filled it yet. Much whining and fussing ensued. Quite frankly, I am fresh out of clever ideas. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.

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