Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Little Mister Who Isn't So Little Anymore

 We are celebrating Eli's 2nd birthday today. A few friends came over for brunch and cupcakes this morning   and I am sure we will celebrate a little more when Luke gets home from school. Eli enjoys the Disney television show Little Einsteins, so I decorated the cupcakes with the oh so popular red rocket.
 He enjoyed the singing and I did not expect him to understand the candle in the cupcake concept but he knew exactly what to do. I posted this picture because the birthday boy seems a little distracted,  yet Steve is very excited about the candles on that cupcake. 
 With a little assistance from Dad, he blew those candles out. Hooray for 2!
 It isn't a birthday party without a little frosting, so why not smear it on your face? 
And if 1 cupcake tastes delicious, won't a second one taste even better? 
All cleaned up and sitting at the table like a big boy, drinking from a big boy cup and thinking about eating something nutritious. We can't believe he is 2 already yet we can barely remember life without him. Happy birthday, Eli! You bring so much joy to our family. 

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