Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Who Wants Wrestle Time?

This one is slightly more patient and somewhat distracted by his mental to-do list: Lego time, dinner,'s a busy life being a 2nd grader. He also knows how much his Dad looks forward to their evening shenanigans and simply bides his time until the Nerf gun battles begin. 
 But this one. Well, patience is not his strong suit. He launches his campaign moments after Steve walks in the door. He even addresses all the possible negative outcomes that might interfere with his plan: "Dad? After you hang up your coat, after you eat your dinner, after Luke does his homework, canwepleasepleasepleasehavesomewrestletime??" How he dreads the remote possibility that Steve might say no. He absolutely loves wrestle time. I think he's part tiger cub. He craves physical play. I have to avert my eyes. I can't watch because I just don't get it and my cringing and gasping and yelling, "careful!" seems to put a damper on the fun. He will participate in the occasional Nerf gun battle but would much prefer wrestling.
 And this one. He recently acquired his own Nerf gun but isn't quite interested in using it yet. He scampers across the battlefield, shouting with glee and occasionally dodging a bullet (or taking a direct shot, which is probably the more likely scenario. As I mentioned, I really can't watch). This waltzing around with all of his prized possessions is a new development. I don't know if he's afraid someone is going to take them or he just really, really likes them. But he can be found clutching pacifiers, his buddy and as many cars as his little hands can hold.
And really, who can resist a request for play time from a face as sweet as this one? He is the life of the party in a house full of introverts.

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