Friday, June 29, 2012

Sayonara, Second Grade!

 Luke wrapped up second grade today. Can't believe it. His expression pretty much sums up our week. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the separation from the best buddy. Even though we met his new teacher and she is wonderful, we seem to be lacking a little enthusiasm toward this transition since his favorite friend was assigned the other third grade teacher.
Good thing we have NINE WHOLE DAYS to get used to the idea.
Yup, here in crazy mixed up year round school world, we take a whole week off and then launch into the new school year. Since we resist change and abhor a new routine, this should be a right peachy adventure.
 We tried to celebrate the milestone with frozen yogurt at our new favorite place: Skinny Dip. Andy is thrilled about any opportunity to consume massive quantities of sugar. If he was awake and could read, he would want me to tell our viewing audience that he totally rocked his swim lessons this week, too. He is looking forward to using his new angry birds lunch box very soon. Kindergarten is right around the corner.
Not sure what's going on with little mister here. Maybe I'm interrupting his yogurt consumption. Although some of us are in denial that today even happened, we are quite proud of our Lukester and all he accomplished this year.

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  1. Love seeing the boys grow! Enjoy the week off and good luck with the transition. It will be very strange only having one at home!