Sunday, July 8, 2012

Seven Days of Surf, Sun and Let's Not Forget the Cows

 Traditions bring joy and consistency in their appearance on the family calendar. Occasionally a new twist on an old tradition pops up and we embrace it. This bovine photo op is a new favorite for our kids. Steve's extended family vacations at the same beach every year on the coast of North Carolina. No matter where we live, we try to spend the week of July the 4th at this particular beach. We even rented the same house as last year, which the boys were very excited about. We started eating ice cream fairly regularly at our new favorite ice cream shop, the Calabash Creamery. This cow stands in the parking lot and we simply cannot resist.
 Sometimes with this particular child, a caption just isn't necessary. What can I say? Classic Andy.
 Eli's starts his day with the word cow. I think he likes ice cream. A lot. 
 Eli started the week avoiding the water. By Friday he would grab the hand of any relative standing nearby, point to the surf and say, "Out der! Out der!" When he watched the older kids body surfing he would yell, "watch out!" When the wave went by he would say, "Whew. Close." His personality is definitely emerging.
This has nothing to do with a cow but it has become a tradition. I almost always celebrate my birthday at the beach.
 Andy and Luke had a great time playing mini golf with their cousins. I'm thankful our children can spend this week together and hopefully bring their own families to the beach someday.
Our family beach picture. It's considered a great shot if everyone is looking at the camera and keeping their hands to themselves.

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