Monday, July 16, 2012

These Are Some Good Times

Although our radio is often tuned to the kids' favorite station, Kids Place Live, my preferred genre is country music. I love how country songs, even the bad ones, tell a story. Andy wanted me to walk him into school for his second day of kindergarten because he wasn't sure he could find his classroom. Luke kissed me goodbye at the front door and we parted ways. As we approached the kindergarten hallway, I could see Andy's teacher and I burst into tears. I pulled it together to kiss him goodbye and then did the ugly cry all the way back to the car, dragging oblivious Eli along beside me. When we left the parking lot, I changed the radio station and this song  by Trace Atkins came on. It didn't do much for the crying, but I was a little bit thankful for the 5 and 1/2 years Andy was at home with me. Not gonna lie, I wished away a number of those days when he drove me absolutely batty.
I think Kindergarten is overwhelming at first, so much to take in and spending the whole day with strangers is a daunting task. So far his favorite part was putting his hand print on the wall of the school. Something his older brother didn't get to do, by the way, since he wasn't in kindergarten here. 
Luke started his first day of third grade last week with a dangling front tooth. By bed time he was talking with a lisp. So adorable. Something precious about all those absent 's' sounds. Makes me giggle.
If you haven't already heard, because we have proclaimed it from the rooftops in recent days, Steve and I celebrated our tenth anniversary on Friday. We had a wonderful time at a fabulous restaurant in Raleigh called Second Empire. We go fancy about twice a decade so I'm sure the waiters were entertained by our ignorance. I had no idea what was on the menu. But it was delicious and we still can't wrap our minds around the fact that ten years went by so quickly. 

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