Thursday, August 16, 2012

Soaking Up Summer

This is our last week of vacation before we start a long stretch of school on Monday. The boys tried a half-day outdoor camp through the YMCA and loved it. Luke wants to quit school and just go to camp. Pretty sure the novelty would wear off as soon as there's frost on the pumpkin.
A little pre-camp stick preparation. This is Andy's first time using a knife.Yikes! Luke and Andy were both expected to bring walking sticks on the first day of camp. They were so excited. The stick has their name and the camp name engraved, as well as a string attached for holding the merit beads they earn each day.
The project manager. He didn't go to camp but he is all about having his own stick. 
That's Luke in the middle working on his archery skills.
Today was Andy's chance for a boat ride. He's in the front. Doesn't he look thrilled? He says he was scared.
 Eli received a very special package in the mail today from Grandma and Papa. His very own quilt! He loves dinosaurs right now and he was thrilled to see the stuffed dinosaur inside. He hugged it, kissed it then immediately turned to his brothers and yelled, "Roar!" and pretended to bite them both. What a great sense of humor.
He took his quilt and dinosaur straight to bed for nap time. Such a cutie. 

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