Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caboose On the Loose

 When the big boys go away, the caboose comes out to play. I took these pictures last month when Andy and Luke started school and just rediscovered them today. I thought Eli would be so sad when he realized he was the only one left at home. He did cry when the boys were dropped off at school the first time and he wasn't allowed to stay. But once he realized all the fun he could absolute control of the remote...the tears disappeared.
 He knew instinctively to go to the Lego table and inflict chaos and destruction on the treasured creations. Even if no one has played at the Lego table for weeks, somehow they KNOW when Eli has come within a 12 inch radius. Luke begs me to corral the Legos with our giant baby gate that now lives in the garage. No way. This is too much fun. And don't tell the older boys Eli eats all the orange lollipops while they are at school.
 He goes straight for Andy's toys and tricks out Lightning McQueen. Then he poses for the camera.
There's always time for a little Angry Birds on the Kindle before lunch. He's a busy fella. Pre-school starts tomorrow. I'm going to miss my sidekick but I would be lyin' if I said I wasn't looking forward to a little me time.

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