Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Zoo, A Boy in a Basket and Brotherly Love

Catchy title, I know. I have I mentioned I'm writing a novel? The title is the hardest part. I'm was on blogging hiatus for a few weeks. Not gonna lie, there's been some heartache in the hive. September was a bit rough. But October is off to a wonderful start. God is good. All the time.  
 Friends of ours invited us to the zoo last weekend. Andy and I stayed home to battle a stomach bug. Just keepin' it real. The others were not deterred by a little rain. (By the way, Seattle, you can have your weather back. We're all done here). This is Luke saving his friend from the wicked Bison.
 Eli loves dinosaurs so Steve couldn't resist a photo op in front of this giant poster. 
 I sent the camera with Steve and asked for photo documentation of Eli's first trip to the zoo. Perhaps I should've been more specific. On the other hand, you trap a kid in a stroller for half a day and you get what you get, right?
 The elephants. Apparently the giraffes couldn't come out and visit because it's too muddy and giraffes can't walk in the mud??? No one wanted to speculate about what happens to a giraffe that falls in the mud. 
 Eli has morphed in recent weeks from sweet, go with the flow toddler to opinionated almost three year old. He has a fetish with containers now, dragging a basket around and filling it with toys until it is too heavy for him to move. We introduced him to the laundry basket yesterday because it is a little more sturdy. 
 He is doing very well at pre-school and names all of his new friends in the car on the way to school. Very cute.
Moments like these are few and far between around here. Luke has a lot of homework these days and it's hard to keep the younger ones entertained and reasonably quiet while Luke moans and groans tries to finish before dark. Andy orchestrated a game of dress up this afternoon and they were more than happy to pose. Adorable.

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