Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pre-school Finale

Andy wrapped up his first year of pre-school today. They celebrated on Tuesday with a water day, which was wonderful since it was approximately 86 degrees at 9am when I dropped him off.

Nothing says happiness like 15 pre-schoolers in swimsuits enjoying popsicles. Bring on summer vacation!

Andy really enjoys playing at school but he has also discovered the added bonus of playing with a friend. I think he will miss his new buddies this summer.

Wow, that's quite a project!

The grand finale was an ice cream party this morning. I didn't take any pictures, it was just too stinkin' crowded. Not to mention a little bit of a tear jerker because the teacher cried when she said her goodbyes. Poor thing. Andy hasn't quite figured out that he has all summer without any school. We will definitely have to find some activities to keep us occupied because he is one busy little beaver.

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