Friday, August 24, 2012

The Toothless Wonder Goes to School

Eli had an unfortunate encounter with a play structure last weekend that sent his front teeth...well, north. Perhaps they'll re-emerge at a later date. Like a bear from hibernation. Wait, that's in the spring.
I've taken to calling him the toothless wonder. Today was his first day of pre-school. We didn't give him much warning since he has no concept of time. Once I showed him the backpack, he knew exactly where to stand on the porch for his picture. This kid doesn't miss a thing. 
To say he is proud of that backpack would be an understatement.
We rarely do anything just the three of us, so we made it an event. Steve came along for the photo op. And to meet the teacher.
He had a great morning. We celebrated afterward with lunch at Chick fil a. 

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